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Kittysgiving: Is Thanksgiving Food Safe for Cats?

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and the anticipation is nearly killing us! Spending time with family and eating good food is exciting. But we can’t forget our tiniest and furriest family member! Can we share some festive foods with them too? Is Thanksgiving food safe for cats? Let’s find out!

Some foods are pet-friendly, but others can cause more harm than good. Read through this list and double-check what you can share with your kitty on Thanksgiving. No matter what you feed her, remember to do so in moderation! These new foods could cause an upset tummy, so only give small amounts of foods with the paw-stamp of approval to be sure Thanksgiving goes well for everyone.


Lean, light meat is definitely okay food to feed your kitty. Turkey skin and dark meat have more fat and are typically too greasy for your pet, so steer clear of that. A small amount of either is okay, but light meat with no seasoning is a safer choice. Make sure you don’t give your cat any bones either. While they’re typically more careful eaters, bones could cause trouble.


It’s best to avoid giving your kitty some gravy. While it’s a yummy addition to Thanksgiving meals for us, it’s too fatty and peppery for our kitty. If you want to give him a more authentic Thanksgiving experience, dribble some “gravy” from your kitty’s favorite wet food on their plate, and they will never know the difference!


Unless your stuffing is very bland and has very little fat, it’s safe for your cat. But who likes bland stuffing? Just like gravy, what makes stuffing so yummy for us makes it inedible for our pets. This one should be skipped.

Mashed Potatoes

This one can depend on how you make your potatoes. If there’s very little fat, milk, and salt, then you can add them to your kitty’s Thanksgiving plate. If you add onions, garlic, scallions or chives to your potatoes, definitely do not feed these to your cat! Onions and garlic especially are toxic for your tiny family member, and we don’t want any ER visits for them on a holiday.

Cranberry Sauce

Sugar, nuts, raisins, and grapes aren’t great for your kitty, and raisins and grapes can possibly cause kidney failure. Best to avoid sharing this one with them.

Green Bean Casserole

Before making up the entire casserole, snag a green bean or two so they can enjoy a little. The mushroom soup will be too rich for your cat, and as we’ve already mentioned, onions are toxic. Just make sure they’re cool before feeding it to them! You don’t want to burn their little mouth.


If your five-year-old niece is dropping corn onto the floor and your kitty is gobbling them up, don’t worry. Corn is a Thanksgiving safe food for them! Make sure you’re feeding them corn off the cob and without the corn fixings (butter, salt, pepper) and you can add a few kernels to your kitty’s plate!

Candied Sweet Potatoes/Yams

Sweet? Buttery? With tiny little marshmallows on top? Best to steer clear of this one.

Bread Rolls

If a roll falls to the ground and your cat nibbles one up, that’s okay. As long as it isn’t covered in butter, it’s a Thanksgiving safe food for your cat to enjoy.

Pumpkin Pie

The classic Thanksgiving dessert, but is it cat safe? With all the sugar and spices, probably not. However, canned plain pumpkin can actually be eaten by your kitty! Make sure it is just plain pureed pumpkin, and you can give half a teaspoon to your kitty while you enjoy your pumpkin pie!

This holiday, remember to be thankful for not only your family but also the furry family member in your life. And of course, for avoiding a trip to the vet!

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