Check out these cuties who have tagged us on Instagram next to their Car Cutie!

Have a Car Cutie air freshener and an adorable kitty? Tag us on Instagram @carcuties and we may share it on Instagram or post it here!


How cute are these cat air fresheners from @carcuties ?! They have 3 different cat designs and they smell sooooo good! They also make the perfect gift! Go check them out kittens!! 🐈 🐾


Its Friday and its time to roll to the⁣ pawties in my cool 😎 ride with these awesome car fresheners @carcuties ⁣Want your hoomans car to smell good⁣, then check out @carcuties ⁣One looks like Jai and smells like Jasmine⁣. One looks like Jerry and smells like coffee ⁣


What is this? It looks like me… but it smells like citrus? It’s a Car Cutie! This air freshener will keep mommy’s car smelling fresh 🍊 & remind mommy of me while she’s driving 🥰 Check them out @carcuties 🐾🧡 #carcuties


Bird watching and checking out Mom’s adorable air freshener. 🖤💛 #catsinwindows #carcuties
#cataccount #catsofig


Thank you @carcuties for sending me these adorable air fresheners! 🚘 The orange ones are coffee-scented and look and smell much better than Cheese! ☕️


Wow! @carcuties sent me these rose scented air fresheners that smell amazing and look like me…I just love them! I asked mom if this means I can finally get my own car but she said absolutely not 🙄 so rude. #catsofinstagram


Felix got so excited about his gift from #carcuties that he wanted to hop in the car! It smells great and looks pretty cute in there 💖 what do you think?! Would you have one that looks like your cat? 😻 Have a great #caturday 😸❤️


cat toy or car freshener? porque no los dos? thank you @carcuties!!! 🧡🖤🧡🖤


Come on, meowmy, let’s go to the catfé for Caturday! I’ll buy you a fur-apaccino! ☕️🐾❤️ #gidget Meowmy’s been enjoying her rose-scented air freshener from @carcuties. I like that it looks like me. It still smells nice after being in the car a few weeks. ! portion of the proceeds supports @pawschicago 💙


Thank you @carcuties for sending us these cute car air fresheners 😸 Check them out to find your purrfect match 🐾 #carcuties #tuxedocat #twins
#blackandwhitecat #purrfect


Oh my cat! This car air freshener smells good! And it looks like me! Let’s go for a ride now! Thank you @carcuties
#carcuties #thankyou
#smellsgood #meowdel


Look at these absolutely adorable air fresheners from @carcuties! They look just like Cashmere and Viola!! They are so cute and smell fantastic! They have different colors and scents and everything – such a great idea! We can’t wait to use these in our car and rep the kids on the road 😊 Thanks again, @carcuties!!


What a surprise!!! This air freshener smells like coffee and was sent in the mail to my moms by @carcuties! Their company supports @pawschicago so of course we think it’s even cooler!!!! Thank you!! I love when people are so thoughtful! They just thought the air freshener looked like me and sent us some. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


Do you like my new car air freshener? 😻🌹 The smell of roses in my car smells heavenlyyyyy. Such a cute way to let everyone know, when I’m driving, that I’m a cat lover! @carcuties has these in 3 different scents and each one comes in a pack of 3! Check it out, they’re super adorable.


“Look Ollie, now I can take your cutie face in the car with me!!”🤗🥰 Mmm-hmmm super cute Mawm 🤨🙄 Don’t hang another one by my litter box!! My💩smells like💁‍♂️🌹 already! Maybe you should hang it in the living room? We could use a little jasmine scent in here… it still smells like DOG you traitor!😾🐶👎😹🎁 Thanks for hooking me up @CarCuties


Thank you @carcuties for sending me some cat air fresheners! This one looks like me! You can find them here: Coffee Car Cutie
#carcuties #cat #cats
#airfreshener #catlove


Want your car to smell good AND have a reminder of your cat always while you’re driving?? My mom got an awesome car freshener that look LIKE ME! Thanks @carcuties!! my mom is going to try to get some pictures of it with me in the car next time we go somewhere! @carcuties has different kinds so you can get one that looks like your cat 😻😻


Meowmy got a new air freshener from @carcuties that looks like me! 🐈🚙 It smells very nice! But she told me it was going in the car, even after I explained that it was a fabulous toy! She needs to order more for me!!!🐱
#carcuties #tuxedocat


@carcuties gave momma & I these to try out! I don’t know what they are, but they smell so good! I tried wearing it like a bow tie but it was too big. I tried playing it like a mice but it was too flat. In the end momma told me what it is! She calls them air fresheners. It doesn’t sound like something I could eat, but she loves it because the kitty on this reminds her of me!! It also smells like sweet sweet coffee!


Furiends, we received these amazing @carcuties & we can’t stop smelling them! 💞 They are so adorably cute (& look like us)👀! 🌹 You can find them here: Rose Car Cuties 🌈☕️

These cute air fresheners from @carcuties smell lovely and this one even looks like me 👍 My human has put one in the car 🚘 and one near my litter tray to hide my poopy smells 💩🙌 So go check them out! 😺


Whoa this thing looks like me! @carcuties are #airfresheners for your humans’ cars that look like you so your humans will constantly be reminded who is most important in their life. 😼😸😹


Which one is Schnitz?! Car Cuties cute car air fresheners have a ginger cat! 😻🧡 Check them out 😺


How cute is this?! This @carcuties air freshener looks just like me, tongue and all! 😋 You can snag #carcuties to match your own fur baby! This one smells great and is so so adorable! 🐈 #gremlin_gram


Shout out to @carcuties for sending these super cute car air fresheners to my mom! ✨ This one looks just like me when my mom gives me treats 😸 Pick from their scents and check out their Instagram to see if they have a design that looks like you, too! 🐈🧡


Got these in the mail today. Y’all…I am super sensitive to smells and get migraines from many scents but I have to say these are very lightly scented and at the same time you can actually smell them! Plus…they’re cats. @carcuties is a newer business that has 3 different cat prints to choose from! Check out their page or message me for info! #carcuties #cats

Check out this cute tuxie air freshener that our friends at @carcuties sent us to check out! Now, they are designed to go in your car, but I couldn’t help myself, and hung it up by the litter boxes 😉. Smells so nice! I just noticed they have one with Gretta colors that is coffee scent! Yum! ☕ #livinglifetippy #grettathegremlin


Mom said this new adorable air freshener from @carcuties looks like me?? What do you think? Are we twins?? Mom can’t wait to hang this cutie in her car and take “me” with her every time she leaves!! You can get one too at @carcuties and think of me every time you see it!! •


Smells like jasmine, looks like Mumford. Thanks @carcuties — now we just gotta draw on the ‘stache 😹👍🏽


My lookalike @carcuties smells so good I can’t take my nose off of it! Go check them out! @carcuties 👃🚗😻


Hi furriends, have you heard of @carcuties? They freshen the air in your car 🚘 while looking extra cute! Mine smells like ☕️- mmm. I even found one that looks like me! So check them out. 🦁🧡