7 Reasons You Should Adopt Senior Dogs and Cats

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Adopt Senior Dogs

It’s November, and that means it’s National Adopt a Senior Pet Month! This month is set to helping those older pets find loving homes, which can be hard.

Many people looking to adopt an animal from a shelter go in to look for a puppy or kitten. Since senior dogs and cats are often overlooked, they can be the most difficult to place. Seniors tend to spend the longest amount of time waiting for someone to adopt them. Unfortunately, of the 7.6 million animals brought into shelters every year, 2.7 million are euthanized. A majority of those killed are senior pets. That in itself is enough reason for why you should adopt senior dogs and cats!

Senior dogs and cats make amazing pets! So here are seven reasons why they’ll be a perfect companion and why they deserve a fur-ever home.


  1. Not the Problem Animal

Many people think that because an older pet is at a shelter, it means they must have a behavioral problem. When older pets find their way to the shelter, it usually doesn’t have anything to do with behavior problems at all. Often, it’s a variety of reasons: a guardian has died, loss of a job, a move, a new baby, a change in work schedule or, unfortunately, the novelty of having a young dog is gone. These animals are usually in shelters due to no fault of their own and need love and a new home.

  1. What You See is What You Get

Hoping for a cuddle, lovey-dovey kitten? Want a calm but sweet puppy? You can’t pick what personality you’re going to get when you want a new puppy or kitten. That’s because they haven’t developed their personality fully. A senior pet takes away the guessing (and hoping) for a mellow animal.

  1. No Need to Train

What comes with new puppies and kittens? Lots of training and “baby” proofing your place. What do senior pets already have under their belt? Training done by their previous owners. You don’t have to worry about an older pet not knowing what to do with a litter box or if they’ll chew through your phone charger, and that’s a pretty nice feeling.


  1. Nice and Calm

Older pets are through their puppy/kitten stages of boundless energy. They won’t bolt out the house when you accidentally leave the front door open. It’s more likely they’ll want to lay on the couch, lounge in the sun, or go on slow short walks around the neighborhood with you.

  1. Pet for All Ages

Older pets may have been around kids in their previous families, so they know the deal. But if you’re a little older? An older pet might make the perfect fit. If you go to bed early, take naps and need to take trips to the drugstore, they’ll be right beside you doing all those things with you.

  1. Fewer years? More Love

It’s often thought that it can be less inviting to adopt a senior animal because they don’t have many years left. But that can be the case for any animal. Illnesses, accidents, and unforeseen events can happen; long life is not guaranteed. Adopting an older pet will make those years with them full of love for both of you.

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  1. You’ll be Their Hero

These pets will be the first to be euthanized at a shelter, so adopting them is saving their life. You’ll be giving them a second chance to live out the rest of their life with love and dignity, and to them, you’ll forever be their hero.

Hopefully, these reasons have made you want to adopt an older pet! And if your house is already full of wagging tails or tiny whiskers, share these reasons with someone else. It could change a life.

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