Cat Types – Which One is Right for Me?

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cat types
If you’ve been wanting a cat for a while and have decided to finally go and get one: congratulations! This is an exciting time! But don’t hop into the car and head to the adoption center just yet. There are lots of cat types, and different factors to think about. This new family member will be with you for a long time, so research needs to be done to make sure your kitty will fit purr-fectly into your life

Long vs. Short Hair

This should be one of the first things you consider. If it’s your dream to live with a teddy bear-like pet, a long-haired cat will be your best bet! But looks aren’t the only thing to think about. If you want to own a stuffed animal looking pet, prepare for all the grooming that comes along with it. 
Long-haired cats are higher maintenance due to extra grooming and combing that’s required. Without proper grooming, there’s a greater chance of matting fur and hairballs. Long-haired cats may even need a “vanity cut” in their hind region to avoid litter box mishaps. Brushing often with a wire brush is a must. Especially in the warmer months when shedding increases. 
While long-haired cats need lots of grooming, short-haired cats need a bit of brushing too. And regardless of if you get a sleek short-haired or a long-haired puffball, don’t forget to have lint rollers on hand


Cats often have a reputation for being quiet pets. So if you pick up any cat from the adoption center and bring home a cat who won’t stop meowing, that can be a big surprise! 
Some cat breeds are loud and proud, which can be fun if you want a little friend to keep you company all day. But if you work from home and need silence to work, then bringing home a chatterbox isn’t what you want. Whether you want a chatty-Kathy or not, take note of these breeds that are notoriously talkative:
  • Siamese
  • Burmese
  • Devon Rex
  • Maine Coon
  • Turkish Van


Your lifestyle is important when it comes to getting the perfect kitty match. So, consider your lifestyle carefully. If you’re away from home quite a bit, then an independent kitty who doesn’t mind being alone will be more your speed. If you’re a homebody who’d love a sidekick, a kitten who loves to sit in your lap might be better suited for you. Do you entertain a lot? Then a sociable cat will thrive better than a shy kitty who’s anxious around strangers. 
Adoption Centers will often give paragraph descriptions of each cat. Those will give big clues on if the cat you want will be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle! 

Breed Personality 

While you may have an ideal breed in mind, make sure you research their personality! While there isn’t as much variety in cat breeds as there are dog breeds, there are certain traits that can help make your decision. Bengals and Abyssinians are well known for being high-energy and active. Ragdolls love their humans and tend to relax and go limp when you hold them (that’s how they got their name!). And Persians are quite affectionate and are usually more mellow, calmer cats. 


After all that is considered, you’ll be well on your way to bringing your new best friend home! Be sure to check out our Instagram for cute pictures of all types of kitties! Also, don’t forget to browse our Car Cuties to find one that looks like your new family addition!

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