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Does My Cat Sleep Too Much?

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If you’re a cat lover, it’s probable that you’ve joined the millions of other owners with the same thought- “Does my cat sleep too much?”. As it turns out, your cat likely isn’t lazy. Let’s get into why cats sleep so much, how they sleep and what it all means.

How Much is Too Much?

As the top sleeper in the entire Animal Kingdom, healthy adult cats can sleep up to 16 hours per day. For young kittens or senior cats, you can expect them to sleep much longer, sometimes up to 18 hours per day! Holy cats! That’s a lot of shut-eye!

If you find that your healthy adult cat is sleeping much longer than the average, this could be out of boredom. Try introducing new toys or activities as a way to increase play and mental stimulation.


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It’s in the DNA

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not nocturnal, but rather “crepuscular”, meaning they are typically active from dusk until dawn. Domesticated house cats still have the same genetic programming as their feral ancestors. They have a biological impulse to hide during the day; at times when they are likely to be the prey and hunted by predators.

For a better understanding, let’s take a look at a lion’s habits in the wild. Their optimal hunting time is in the evening and requires them to exert large amounts of energy. The overnight prowl ends with an attack and consuming their meal. Come dawn, they’re ready to hunker down and rest before starting the process over again. Their ability to sleep the day away directly correlates to their survival in terms of being able to hunt at night.

While your furry friend isn’t hunting throughout your home for their next meal, these habits are still ingrained in their DNA.

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Rest Assured, Fluffy isn’t Lazy…

By now you’ve probably noticed that your kitty has some odd sleeping habits. A cat’s sleep cycle is much different than that of his owner’s. Typically cats get up to 30 minutes of light sleep, or “cat naps”, followed by 5 minutes of deep sleep. Even when fast asleep, Mr. Meowington will still be on high alert and ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. Like humans, it has also been discovered that a cat’s sleeping habits can all be impacted by weather. On cold, rainy days, you’re likely to find that kitty will sleep more than usual. I mean, we all get it, we want to snuggle up under the blankets on a gloomy day, too.



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